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B-Sprouts Start-up Library

Take your books of the shelf and give them new life. Contribute a book to our library and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs.

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Smart City B-Sprouts S02


CitySeeders is a citizen engagement platform. We help build Future & Smart Cities Inspired by Citizens via omnisourcing.

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Smart City B-Sprouts S02

FitMyNest, modular co-housings
habitats groupés modulaires

We build modular apartments buildings, and offer easy access to co-housing, at any age.
Nous construisons des bâtiments d'appartements modulaires, et facilitons l'accès à l'habitat groupé, à tout âge.

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B-Sprouts S02 AI

Third Space Auto is a fully personalisable hybrid machine learning platform that uses conversational intelligence to interact with drivers and passengers. It contextualises sensor data from the car (accessible by 3rd parties) and data from smart phones (API’s and sensors) to learn about the driver’s preferences, actions and priorities.

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Smart City B-Sprouts S02


Our product Bloom is a beautiful and intuitive grow light concept for homes and small businesses

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Smart City B-Sprouts S02


Find, book or rent out space the easy way

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Help during your startup lifecycle

Engage your crowd to help you go to the next stage

Every stage in your startup lifecycle brings up new needs.  Don't forget there are people in your crowd who'd love to help you!








How to engage your crowds


Your crowd can help you in different ways! Find out how!


Crowd according to crowdangels

Unlock your crowd


You can reach anyone you want in maximum 6 steps !



Something something 5 columns

 What help do you need right now?



Get your story right.  Your crowd will help you to use the right power words and give you input to strenghten your idea.


Your story will not be sufficient to convince.  Surround you with the right people who can contribute to your success.

Development sprint

Find potential customers that will help you buid your first MVP.


Commercial sprint

Find potential customers that help you build your commercial story.


And finally find the funding that helps you to your next stage in developing your idea.